Alright ladies, you may have a really nice palette of eyeshadow, but it won’t be functional without the eyeshadow brush. When it comes to makeup brushes, it can be confusing when there are so many different types of brushes out there. Unless you are a makeup artist or a huge makeup junkie, you don’t really need every single brush out there. Here are the 5 essential brushes to create your everyday makeup looks and tips in choosing the right brushes.

Foundation Brush


Ecotools Flat Foundation IDR 86.622,

A medium-sized brush that has firm yet flexible bristles. This one has a function to creates a high definition base look by applying and blending liquid or cream foundation. Natural or synthetic bristle? Keep in mind that natural bristle is usually best for powders or high-pigmented product, and synthetic bristle is best for cream and liquid products.

Synthetic Bristle: Best for cream and liquid products.

Powder Brush


Real Techniques Powder Brush IDR 144.595,

A long, fluffy and rounded shape brush is great for blending makeup product evenly all over your face. Powder brush is perfect for applying loose powder and mineral foundations. It could also be used in smearing your bronzer. Talking about multi-tasking beauty!


Concealer Brush


e.l.f Concealer Brush IDR 84.400,

A small, flat rounded pinpoint shaped brush. Precisely designed for applying concealer to cover up under-eye circles and mask on any blemishes for a flawless look.


Blush Brush

Armando Caruso 305 angled blush brush, 125.000 IDR

Armando Caruso 305 Angled Blush Brush, IDR 125.000

A large slanted shape bristles. Its slanted shape enables the brush to apply blush across the cheekbones or even contour.


Eyeshadow Brush & Blending Brush

Masami shouko professional 30 medium eye shader brush IDR 88.900

Masami Shouko Professional 30 Medium Eyeshadow Brush IDR 88.900

Smaller brush are great for applying makeup in a precise way to have a detail oriented results. Eyeshadow brush has stiff dense bristles (good for applying a lot of color in one application) and specifically used for applying eye shadows.

Masami shouko professional 32 medium blending brush IDR 68.900,

Masami Shouko Professional 32 Medium Blending Brush IDR 68.900,


While the blending brush has fluffier bristles to diffuse the eye shadow in the crease of the eye. As for a tip on playing with any makeup: don’t be too sturdy with the rules! Always experiment and see what works for you.

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