Being organized is an essential for every woman that needs a change, especially on the New Year. It is time to transform the old you to the new you. But why does it have to be organized? Well, take a look at your makeup stash. Of course you have a big collection of beauty products, but you seem having a hard time finding your foundation brush or your lipstick or etc. Maybe, they need a transformation in organization.

There’s nothing that feels quite as rewarding as having a clean and orderly makeup store. To spark it up, we have some creative ideas for you from the DIY experts all around the Internet. Here is 8 Pretty Ways to Organize Your Vanity Before the New Year!


Makeup Drawers


If you have an empty drawer inside your closet, this might be a perfect way to store your makeup tidily. You can put dividers to section the collection so it would be more organized and structured.


Clear Makeup Storage


Try buying some clear storage containers to make a little beauty closet if you happen to have a room to spare on your desk or shelf.


Cupcake Stand


This one is a cute and creative way to show off your vanity products with a cupcake stand in your kitchen that needs to be loved. You can use it for your nail polishes or your lipsticks, or anything at all you desire.


Platter or Tray


Putting your daily makeup you happen to use everyday on a tray is a pretty and easy way to prevent your makeup from lying around your desk. You can either use your old silver tray or even a Bundt pan.


Reusable Canisters


There are many kinds of jars, right? There’s silver pitcher, plant pots, vases, candle jars, mason jars, etc. To spice up your vanity organization, use whatever’s lying around in your house, fill it up with sand or anything to your liking and put brushes or nail polishes inside.


Wine Rack


What a way to organize your hair essentials creatively? An old wine rack would do. This one is a cute way to store your big-sized beauty goods—like hairspray, dry shampoo, or your body mists. You can customize it the way you love!


Shoe Organizer


If you don’t have enough counter space, try using a shoe organizer to hang on your wall or your door. There are pockets for all your vanity goods in a structured way possible, and even some extra pockets for other beauty goods.


Lucite Closet Organization


If you happen to have some extra cash and extra room for your huge makeup collection like the Kardashians, well, this might be a nice way to structure your vanity products. For the clear closet, you will never forget how you divide your makeup stash. Consider having one!

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