Baddie Look is one of the hottest make up trends on Instagram right now. Braids, fierce eyes, and popping dark lips. It’s great for selfies and we can’t get enough of this edgy look! Do you consider yourself a BADDIE? Check out this make up tutorial from vlogger Koleen Diaz and see if you want to try it yourself.

Instagram Baddie Make Up Look


Use moisturizer and primer to protect your natural face with a base before adding on all the products. For a flawless look, use full coverage foundation, contouring, and a highlighter for maximum coverage.


In the make up tutorial, the make up artist uses contouring near her cheeks bones to create a sharper look and a highlighter on the high point of her face to enhance the glowing effect.


This is the best part of the baddie look! You can play around with your matte eye shadows! For a Baddie day look, you can use more settle colors and add a darker shadow on the outer corner of your eyes so that it will make your eye looks more define and big. For a Baddie night look, you can choose a warm brown color or a mauve color. The key is to achieving the Baddie eyes is to blend, blend, blend!

Instagram Baddie Make Up Look


This step is optional. If you’re already happy with the way your eyes look and prefer them to look chill and simple, you can skip this step. If you feel like adding a bit more drama, create that fierce cat eye with a bold wing liner. Don’t forget to finish up with falsies!


Lastly, lining your lips is a must for Baddies. It’s super sexy and bold. We recommend using nude, brown or burgundy red to intensify that pouty lip!

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