Whether you realize it or not, your eye brows can have a dramatic impact on your overall look. And just like a haircut, eyebrow embroidery (sulam alis) can have a beautiful and bold effect on many women’s features. Catherine, the brow expert from Empro, is a brow artist who is constantly improving on her embroidery skills and turned beautiful brows into a work of art. She shares with us on the essentials when searching for in a good embroidery artist and what are the best looks for our face shapes.

"I'm not afraid to admit I'm obsessed with brows. Eyebrows play a crucial role because they can drastically change the overall appearence of a person's face and can add character." Elizabeth Rahajeng

“I’m not afraid to admit I’m obsessed with brows. Eyebrows play a crucial role because they can drastically change the overall appearence of a person’s face and can add character.” Elizabeth Rahajeng

Why do people like eye brow embroidery? What are the benefits of it?

Eye Brow embroidery is the latest most efficient way to shape a perfect brow which is non-invasive and safe. Many people like it because it gives a very natural looked with the proper brow designing technique. With semi-permanent brows, you have that au-natural after effect look and the flexibility to change the style within 2 years.

Biggest complains about badly done brow embroidery?

Common complains… shape and design does not suit their face, color fades after a short time, left and right brow are not symmetrical. The brow doesn’t look natural.

Sulam Alis

What are the reasons behind these complains?

Face artist does not have the proper brow designing techniques or experience to determine the right tools to use for the different skin type. The tools (i.e. colors) they used has not gone through proper lab analysis and study.

What are the different brow embroidery out there?

There are many different types of brow embroidery techniques out there. At Empro, we have over 11 years of experience and have identified 4 basic fundamentals brow embroidery techniques that will suit your facial structure, skin tone and skin type: Fashion Brow, EBrow, Ero & BonBrow.

Are there certain eyebrow shapes that are good for certain faces shapes? 

Face shape sulam alis

Yes, you can refer to brow design recommendation above for each face type, but we always do a consultation first before any brow design.

What should we look in a brow embroidery place before we decide to go with them?

Cleanliness, professionalism and consumer eccentric places.


What questions we should ask the brow artist before deciding on the place?

Sulam Alis

Are your artists ISO 17024 certified in brow embroidery technique? How many hours of brow designing and brow embroidery experience? Do they consult you on your preferred eyebrow shape? Does the package come with a free touch up?

What tips can you share to ensure the brow design can last longer?

At Empro, the brow design usually can last really long unless you decide to changed it by another artist. For the color, it will normally last between 18 -24 months depending on the skin type and the maintenance after the procedure. Also, use pure natural ingredients in cosmetic products. At Empro, all products are pure natural and are safe for any skin type.

Are there people who should avoid brow embroidery?

It is very dependable on the cultural difference or believes. But in general, we do not recommend pregnant and diabetes ladies to do sulim alis.

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