Time to upgrade your nail game? Check out these talented nail artists who has been gaining worldwide attention on Instagram this year. Their astounding nail art is perfect for finding trends and inspiration, so if you are addicted to nail art like we are, be sure to follow them to add a daily dose of “Insta-Nail” into your feed.

1. @yiredelcastillo

yiredel castillo Nailart

Yire Castillo, a world-renowned nail artist, shows off his finest masterpieces that are bold, sophisticated and stylish looking. He specializes on unique nail shapes using gel, and because his technique is so popular, @yiredelcastillo recently released his own line of manicure tools called, Yire Castillo Cosmetics Inc. His line sells the trendiest shades of nail polish, along with other amazing nail tools for your manicure and pedicure.

2. @nail_unistella

unistella Nailart Park Eun Kyun

Unlike the others on this list, Korean nail artist Park Eun Kyung has a minimal and elegant style that is just adorably sophisticated. As one of the world leaders in professional nail art, Uni’s By Eun Kyng Park, is known as manicure maven for its fashion forward followers everywhere. Her designs are not about the length of the nail, but about decorating them as cute as possible. She is mostly famous for the shatter glass nail trend that took over the planet, and even caught Britney Spears’ attention.

3. @UrbanNailArt

Urban NailArt

Two friends from Australia, Lou and Irene, not only have the trendiest looking nail art on their Instagram, they also create unique nail lacquer that are designed, hand blended and hand poured in their own country. We love their mix of nail art techniques like stamping, water marbling and hand painting, and how they are very cautious about promoting nail products. Only the safe and clinically proven are chosen.


4. @Banicured_

banicured_ Nail Art

Meet Bana, a super talented nail blogger based in Los Angeles. Bana is versatile both with her techniques and style, and if you love Taylor Swift, Game Of Thrones, and Frozen, she can keep you entertained for hours with nail inspirations and tutorials of your favorite Hollywood cartoon and movie stars.


5. @YaGala

yagala Nail Art

Galina S, or famously known as Yagala, is a manicure artist that resides in Okinawa, Japan. Specializes in stamping nail art, she is also known for her hand painting designs and quilted techniques. Her nail designs vary from simple to very complex, but inspiring nonetheless. With over 1.4 million followers, @Yagala is filled with amazing nail art tutorials that almost feel like we are watching magic.

6. @Sloteazzy

sloteazzy Nail Art

Yasmeen Sandoval (@sloteazzy) is popularly known for her water marbling nail art, a technique that gives you the perfect rainbow flower print using just water. If you want water marbling nail art and any other fun nail ideas, you can also find @sloteazzy tutorial on her youtube channel. She usually gives pretty detailed instructions if you are super interested in nailing these looks.

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