We love discovering nail salons in every price range across Jakarta so you can have the best possible manicure no matter where you are. Where are we heading this time? North Jakarta! Located on the top of Restaurant Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan in Sunter, we visited Miloff, a cozy nail spa specializes in affordable manicure and nail art.

We decided to come early and were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves! We got the chance to take photographs freely without disturbing any guests. The pedicure seats were on the right side while the manicure seats were on the left, which made the nail salon very neat and spacious. Oh, and one more thing ladies. We also spotted a corner to sterilize the tools used for any mani-pedi, so rest assured hygiene is their top priority!

Milloff Sunter Nail Spa

Before the nail spa treatment begins, I was pampered by a warm cup of tea. Knowing that the manicure process usually takes a few hours so I definitely need a drink by my side.


The Miloff Manicure Spa began with standard nail cutting and shaping, followed by treating the cuticles with their own Miloff brand. My arms were then exfoliated until they are smooth, and were wrapped for 10-15 minutes to reveal soft and glowing skin. Not only my nails became healthier and stronger, my arms also were much smoother.

Milloff Nail Spa Sunter

For nail art design, I am feeling something artsy this time that is pastel and cute. The Miloff owner (Stephanie), also a skilled and talented technician, hand painted each nail art one by one with gel polishes. I usually prefer gel polish than regular polish, as it is more durable and can last for weeks. It would really be a waste if I have to say goodbye to pretty nail only after 3 days.

Milloff Nail Spa Sunter

See the pastel gel polish and a splash of glitter on the board? Curious to the outcome? Taraaaaa….. here is the final result! 10 different nail art design, which make everything so unique. I love how it feels so feminine and fun.

Milloff Nail Spa Sunter

It has already been two weeks and the nail art condition is still so intact. May we add? It was only IDR 350.000 for the hand spa and nail art. We love the quality of this new nail salon, and the staff is friendly and the gel manicures are guaranteed to last. We will definitely come back for the waxing and eyebrow embroidery next.


Jl. Danau Agung Utara Blok A36D No. 26 (di atasnya Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan)
WA: 081911166885
Line: themiloff
Instagram: @themiloff


Brought to you in partnership with Miloff.
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